Andrew Osman
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Dalston Waste
Typeface ⋅ In collaboration with Fraser Muggeridge
In response to a found alphabet ⋅ Ongoing

Béton Brut (National Theatre)
Cirencester wax relief on interface fabric, 60 × 80cm

Re-bel magazine
Nameplate vector ⋅ Typeface supplied: Ursus
Direction: Christoper Lawson & Marcos Villalba ⋅ View Issue 5

The Penalty of Projection
Photogram on Ilford RC Deluxe, 12 × 16"
After Carl Sagan's COSMOS: A Personal Voyage ⋅ With John Osman

Prototype typeface of systematically drawn glyphs ⋅ Ongoing
After Frutiger, Gürtler, Käch & Knuth

Miscellaneous vector drawings

Gerhard Richter Struktur 2
48pp book, 246 × 323mm
Direction: Lorena Duran, © Chrisitie's

Exploration of basic parameters

Bespoke vector drawing
For Lucas Price

Pen & pencil drawings, approx. 4 × 4"

SAW Inc.
48pp book ⋅ 7" vinyl record
For Lucas Price ⋅ With Peter Ainsworth
Andrew Osman (b. 1985) is a London-based designer. He graduated from Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design (1st Class Honours) in 2008. He has since worked for Wood McGrath and Christie’s Marketing in addition to collaborations with independent designers. In November 2012 Andrew joined Stephen Barrett as a typography tutor at the University of East London.

© Andrew Osman 2012